LinkedIn Advice for Home Medical Equipment Pros

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LinkedIn provides a social platform to connect with HME professionals throughout the country. While some use the social networking site to look for new work opportunities, it can also be used as a tool to discuss day-to-day business challenges, find solutions and share your expertise. Whether you’re already using LinkedIn or considering making a profile for the first time, here are three steps to making it work for you.

Make your profile great 

It’s easy to skimp over creating a quality profile, because it takes time to think about why you are there and what you want to accomplish. But the more authentic you are, the better connections you will make. Take time to fill in your history, paying special attention to the summary section. Use a tone that is friendly and clearly states the skills you have to help others. 

Make personal posts 

Like other networking sites, you have a platform to share information with others. When you read an article you found especially helpful, share it in an update. You can share content that is curated, meaning that you found it from another source such as Forbes. By making regular, interesting posts, you can quickly become a resource for others on LinkedIn.

Join groups

Many HME professionals are already connected via LinkedIn groups. Whether you’re an executive or an assistant, conversations are going on right now to help you grow. Use the search bar to find and join groups. When these groups are updated with conversations, you’ll receive an email notification. Or you can post your own question and comments in the group to start a best practice conversation.

Beth Cox Hollingsworth is content manager for The VGM Group. Connect with her on LinkedIn (Beth Cox Hollingsworth) or email her at [email protected].